Thursday, 4 October 2012

Anarkalee Restaurant – Pleasanton 2012

Anarkalee restaurant takes its name from the area affected by heroin Anarkali, a slave girl who fell in love with a prince, and was loved by him in return. Anger relationship with the prince's father, the Mughal emperor Akbar, who answered his son to death. To save the life of the prince, sacrificed Anarkali: buried alive between two brick walls (although some say they escaped through a secret passage).

Restaurant Anarkalee translates fiery spirit namesake spicy flavors of regional Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Besides the standards of northern India as Paneer Tikka Chicken and Black, the chefs prepare exotic dishes such as lamb in the brain or masala Himalayan goats hate to privacy daily. Snacks stuffed lamb grazing also two types of Gucht, Pakistani or stew meat. Each serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks in installments and abundant, both in separate dishes, buffet, or a color-coded map of the Indian subcontinent.

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