Monday, 7 May 2012

Easy Healthy Recipes 2012

I must admit. I am a lover of great food on the planet! I love food, and not only to eat, but totally
Cooking as well. But, over time, I found that nothing of great taste, literally If you do not want to load things, bad fats and calories. In this way, and so, such as gross weight and have the opportunity to forget the people I Give up their favorite foods, most of them to remove excess fat.As you can understand that it is very difficult for me. Starbucks or Dunkin donuts or Kentucky Fried Chicken  restaurants or one of the other 100 (yes, bad, and I do not know from this disease!) Love, at any time I get   tempted every time you use. Able, but, somehow, to overcome these cravings just avoid my eyes and then I learned to overcome these delicious places, I knew if I went to it because I was Goñi.

Healthy Dinner Recipe 2012


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